In college, I wrote poetry in two languages: English and BASH. I quickly learned to submit my work to the right professors.

Since those days, communication amongst humans and machines has intrigued me. I was the kid that would chat with the AOL message bot, trying to break it. Today I help people and businesses realize that technology is more than just a tool. It’s an extension of our personality, or brand, and a means to connect.

My focus on community and communication naturally led me to open source projects, and I have been actively involved in various FOSS projects ever since bringing my school newspaper online with WordPress back in 2004. The agility and flexibility of open source software matches my agile marketing focus, and has enabled me to tackle growth in unique ways.

I’ve worn many hats, and enjoyed them all. If you need more than someone who can juggle a LAMP stack or preach SEO best practices, someone who can work outside the box or even outside the warehouse the box is in, then I’m your man.

Nicholas is a web-savvy magician whose workings keep the gears spinning.
His cross-discipline full-stack skill set and heuristic approach to problems
ensure that his virtual conjurations run like well-oiled machinery.
The man himself is fueled by Red Bull and black magic.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicholas on a number of different projects, and have found him to be in the top 5% of all technologist with whom I’ve worked. He takes his role in projects quite seriously, aiming to consistently deliver above expectations. Nicholas is a great communicator, and truly understands the intersection of technology & business – helping his clients to tangibly improve their position in the marketplace and positively impact their bottom-line. I would highly suggest Nicholas in any technologist role – from an implementor role, to project leader or architect.

Michael Richardson

Technical Architect & Product Manageer

Nicholas is an absolute joy to work with. He commands a depth of development knowledge that makes him indispensable in projects large and small, and is one of the easiest people to work with that I’ve ever met. Any time I have a complex project or difficult development head scratcher, I know I can give Nicholas a ring, and I’ll be on the right path in no time. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Matthew Leonard

Senior Digital Developer

Nicholas is an extremely detail oriented and high quality, code efficient developers I’ve ever met. His coding abilities in multiple platforms, his dedication to completion of a project, and his long term experience on both big and small projects make him invaluable to the company. Nicholas has great skill working a problem through and finding a solutions where others fail.

Stephen Gardner

SEM Specialist

Conversion Rate Optimization Wrangler and Growth Lead at Automattic – 2019 to now

A decade of work with open source software and data-driven growth tactics eventually led me home to Automattic. I began my time here focused on conversion rate optimization within the Acquisition Marketing team, later taking the lead role for the Growth Channels Americas team.

  • Developed and managed experimentation plans and processes (ICE prioritization, scheduling, etc.) used across Automattic brands
  • Led the development of various landing pages, including the WordPress.com homepage
  • Assisted in the testing of new technologies (Eg. AMP), and prevented major losses from under-performing third-party vendors and sales teams
  • Grew a cross-functional team of growth marketers through the COVID-19 pandemic, while overseeing multiple HACK Weeks, DOC Days, roadmapping, and happy hours
  • Spoke and participated in various conferences including GrowthHackers 2020, LetsGrow Conf 2020, local area WordCamps, and more
  • Led experimentation workshops, Marketing Town Halls, and learnups within Automattic

WordPress Expert at Cornell University – 2018 to 2019

Along with the great team at Cornell University’s S.C. Johnson College of Business, I participated in the merger and migration of several Cornell University sites into a newly formed WordPress network.

  • Acted as advisor and ambassador to contracted vendor and developers
  • Created and documented content scraper and import process
  • Educated Cornell staff and interns on WordPress usage

Marketing Engineer at MeetEdgar – 2016 to 2018

Embedded in the marketing team at MeetEdgar, I did everything from implementing our Segment tracking plan to making sure things were properly backed up and the tech stack was humming along smoothly. I was also the go-to for the rest of the technical stuff that the marketing and customer experience teams needed: creating split tests, handling emails in MailChimp, analyzing metrics, and ensuring data consistency across a broad range of tools.

  • Managed third-party integrations and communication with third-party vendors
  • Acted as technical liaison with product and customer experience departments
  • Implemented and documented tracking and data analysis processes, content publishing, tool usage, and marketing campaigns
  • Provided analyses of marketing metrics and CRO recommendations
  • Developed and maintained WordPress-based marketing site
  • Implemented multi-channel variation testing (a/b testing and other experiments)
  • Developed, automated, and grew Octopals referral program
  • Planned technical implementation of marketing campaigns

Chief Technology Officer at WebOzy Inc. – 2012 to 2016

Acting as CTO at a small firm means being the last line of defense, a few sleepless nights, and a very large whiteboard. Partnering with others to provide the full vertical of web services to 300+ clients across various industries was a natural progression from previous years of work.

  • Managed purchasing of hardware and software licenses
  • Developed and supported chosen web frameworks suited to client needs
  • Maintained company servers (Linux)
  • Managed relationships with upstream service providers
  • Lead site, plugin, module, and theme development in WordPress and Drupal with team of international developers
  • Match technology solutions to marketing strategy and client resources
  • Implemented third-party integrations and SEO/SEM best practices
  • Acted as final-tier support for client issues

Founding Partner at liveBatavia – 2011 to 2012

Building on the success of my freelance work, I found a partner to help create and manage a local portal for businesses. The goal was to scale down the best practices of major companies to affordable packages for small businesses.

  • Built liveBatavia.com, a web directory for local businesses
  • Implemented subscription services and flow for businesses to claim and modify their listings
  • Designed website themes for businesses using Squarespace’s developer platform
  • Developed small-scale highly-performant sites in WordPress and Drupal

Freelance at Helusionary – 2009 to 2012

Recessions are a terrible thing. Luckily, having read the Cluetrain Manifesto, I understood that the market had changed in favor of lean businesses willing to actively and honestly engage with customers. Building on my open source and SaaS experience, I quickly built a network of peer developers and clients.

  • Provided web consulting and development services on a contract basis
  • Developed site systems using WordPress and Drupal (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Leveraged existing community modules, modified and created custom modules as needed
  • Version controlled code and resources in Subversion and Git
  • Implemented site designs with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and embedded Flash
  • Implemented site APIs in XML and JSON for external access to site data
  • Migrated data between existing site systems and intranets
  • Managed social profiles on Twitter and Facebook, and implemented site integrations for these networks (sharing, SSO/single-sign-on, and auto-posting)
  • Fine-tuned low-level server (Linux) and site behavior for improved performance and search engine optimization
  • Implemented site tracking for SEO, SEM, CRO, and ads
  • Provided web hosting for local businesses using Ubuntu-based VPS
  • Worked with other remote developers and designers on multiple projectsSenior Web 

Developer at Emergent Behavior – 2008 to 2009

Working with a great Flex developer and designer, I developed the site and eCommerce (subscription) environment for the Mrs Riley PageBuilder app (an application allowing parents and teachers to create educational materials for children with special needs). It was an exciting foray into subscription payment processing and was my first major SaaS project.

  • Developed and themed MrsRiley.com, a web front-end to the PageBuilder application, using the Drupal framework (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Managed Linux hosting environment (CentOS)
  • Worked with the Ubercart project developers to enable recurring payments with authorize.net AIM and later CIM
  • Optimized payment process for higher conversion rates
  • Developed the “Advanced Blog” module for better multi-author blogging within Drupal


Signature Based Kernel Level Intrusion Detection Systems – 2007 to 2009

Saint John Fisher College, Rochester, NY – Researched and developed kernel level intrusion detection system that detected intrusions based on kernel module call frequencies.  Worked in C/Linux as well as Java for supporting applications.

  • Aided in the creation of an isolated testing environment for security research at the college. This lab is still in use today.
  • Constructed and administered trials using various computer attacks in order to capture data for attack signatures.
  • Implemented software for automation of attack signature calculation using large data sets from trials.

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