M3 Mount for Mac Mini

The M3 mount for Mac mini lifts your Mac mini up off your desk and provides more room for air flow, not to mention making your mini look awesome. You can also add a little color to your system to accent you desk or entertainment center.

More airflow equals a cooler system. The design of the M3 mount for Mac mini increases the cooling efficiency of your Mac by allowing cool air to more freely enter the system. The optional fan increases this further by literally pushing cool air into your mini.

The increased cooling efficiency provided by the M3 allows your system to stay cool without its blower fan running at max speed. Say good-bye to that constant whirring and buzzing. Say hello to your cooler Mac mini.

Find your cool

Keep your cool. The stable M3 mount for Mac mini elegantly holds and cools your Mac mini for quieter operation and better performance. The M3 keeps your Mac mini cool, and with the optional fan you can see an even more impressive drop in temperature. Don’t let the heat get you down. Let your mini stretch its legs, and unlock its true potential.

The must-have Mac mini accessory for your desktop or home theater

100% efficiency: With M3 mount +

91% efficiency: With M3 mount

81% efficiency: Without mini mount